Making Healthy Taste Good
Making Healthy Taste Good
Making Healthy Taste Good
Making Healthy Taste Good

Making Healthy Taste Good

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About the book:

Flavor Insurance & Assurance to a healthy life.

Digital download of my published cooking guide

Physical copy available here on amazon

MHTG is beyond a recipe book – It’s a "Companion guide for living and loving a healthier life “

The book does feature 100 tasty recipes that fit Whole30 and natural based eating plans. This is a 260-page color book with detailed pictures and steps.


Healthy is subjective for the individual and this book provides resources and steps for matching up YOUR HEALTH with YOUR DELICIOUS.

Recipes and ingredients that keep the fun and flavor in food while nourishing your mind & body. 

(recipes that get you the results of a diet without feeling like it)


Making Healthy Taste Good will teach you:

  • How to eliminate excuses for reaching your potential with eating
  • How to save time and manage stress when it comes to food choices
  • How to stop dieting for good and get on the path to real, lasting weight control
  • How to stop relying on willpower so that health and energy comes automatically
  • How to stock your kitchen with the basics that you need to stay healthy
  • How to create an environment that improves your social environment
  • How to retrain your tastebuds into cravings nutrient-dense, sugar-free, and gluten-free foods
  • How to implement simple and effective techniques like cooking with tea for added benefits
  • How to find your delicious and use it with consistency, texture, flavor




  • 21-Day jumpstart program to build habits with delicious recipes that hardly take any effort or time
  • Step by Step pictures to simplify recipes
  • Shopping guide
  • 100+ recipes including ice cream, sauces, and upgrades of many favorite cravings
  • A picky person’s perspective of tricking himself into eating food that makes him healthy