Work with Jason

What I teach:

More than 10 years of researching, living, and teaching the effective lifestyle tactics that produce results and create space for fulfillment.

Life is about more than achievements and accomplishments. It is about making an impact and developing the mind & body to enjoy the ride.

All of my successes and learning opportunities: 

  • 1250+ Clients in Person
  • 100+ workshops and speaking events
  • 1000+ labs, diets, training plans reviewed and created
  • 50+ Companies worked with and improved


Coaching and consulting - Lifestyle (stress & energy management)

Refining vision and with results based plan

Clarity & Accountability 

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Peak Performance Habits for Lifespan

  • Development of positive rituals for getting more out of your day
  • Shifting perspective to challenge and fun mindset
  • Sparking momentum
  • Personal Inventory 


Making Healthy Taste Good

  • Culinary Nutrition Workshop
  • Eating for energy
  • Blends with benefits
  • Entertainment with education
  • Menu Design


Stress & Energy Management

  • Building a strong foundation
  • Making the fundamentals great again
  • Lifestyle tactics to create more space


Jason Sani CV - Info Sheet