Lean Performance Training
Lean Performance Training
Lean Performance Training

Lean Performance Training

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30 Days of Training that can be used for 2 consecutive months

These will easily be your new favorite workouts!

For a fraction of what you would pay for a trainer... At $19.00

You've had lunch that cost more than tha in the last week!

What you get:

High-Intensity Resistance Training that I use for myself and clients to stay lean and strong all year round. 

The workouts in here will upgrade the results and experience of your training.

This programming is designed to get you in performance shape to ready for any competition or event.

These functional workouts will challenge you by pushing you to your own limits. Rather than your typical split, you will be performing 3-4 workouts per week that incorporate the whole body while signaling more muscle growth and incinerating fat.

  • More explosive
  • More lean mass
  • Improve Strength
  • More muscle endurance

The guide includes workout demonstrations, videos, and guides for what major and minor muscle group focus will be. 

These are considered more advanced movements and routines.

The most advanced moves (can be substituted with options): 

  • Hang Cleans (barbell or dumbbell)
  • Dumbbell Snatch