30 Days Of Bodyweight Training
30 Days Of Bodyweight Training

30 Days Of Bodyweight Training

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This is 4 weeks of well thought out programming with varied movements and tensions to train the whole body.

No gym access? No problem


Consistent program to follow along without thinking


Get your routine back with workouts that challenge you and charge you up while making your body feel BETTER.

Most programs built around basic boring repetitive movements that beat up your wrists and joints.

Not this program...

With Lean Performance Training...

Every day you get a new workout that covers mobility and challenging workouts to cover every muscle in the body.

Daily workouts with video links to demos of all movements (download and access through smart-phone or tablet)


Game-plan to Increase overall fitness

- Decrease body fat percentage (With appropriate diet)

- Add or maintain lean muscle (With appropriate diet)

- Improve athleticism



Sample workout:

20 Squat to marching lunge (10 lunges/each leg)

10 Worlds Greatest Stretch

Shoulder front + lateral flow (3 movements for 5 each)

Iso Holds: Train mobility, strength, stability and nervous system. 1 minute is challenging. If you need a brief break, take a breath and get right back in.

3 Rounds

1 minute Lunge pulse/hold (Left leg forward)

1 minute Lunge pulse/hold (Right leg forward)

20 Lateral rebounds (use force to push & Stop at top)

20 Front raise rebounds (shoulder bladed back)

3 Rounds

1 minute wall squat

30 Second hold bottom of pushup (use DB’s or neutral grip if possible)

30 Second hold top of pushup

20 Superman's 5 of each

+ 20-30 mins light cardio (yoga flow, hike, walk, run)



Let's compare this to:

A fraction of what you would pay for 1 session with an expert like myself 

The price of a dinner meal 

A fraction of your gym membership

Less than $1 a day for a workout 


With routines that you will love and can use for life!